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Tranquil Reflections: Decoding the Financial Responsibilities

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Last week launched a new adventure for the Tranquil team, as we debuted our table talk series, Design Decoded. This forum was an idea birthed after a few colleagues and I started to discuss the common notions of the public in regards to interior designers and the design industry. Sparking my interest, I wanted to stage a platform where designers can ponder these notions and address the public with credible perspective in a relatable fashion. We open discussion every Wednesday starting at 12pm on Facebook Live. Our goal is to host guests within the design community to provide access to multiple credible sources. This past week, we had the honor of hosting Nicole Ingram, Principal Designer of Stacy Nicole Inc. Our Decode of the Day was the common consumer notion that designers are financially unattainable.

Deri and special guest Nicole Ingram of Stacy Nicole Inc.

The response is simply no. This notion has been deemed a misconception concerning the industry. Interior Designers are very much within reach for any and every budget. Here at Tranquil, we offer a little of everything; from full scale designs to color consultations to e-design (furnish lists). Many designers in the Triangle area have structured their businesses to provide the best level of expertise to every client, no matter the scope of the project. Fishing for a designer that can implement the needs and wants of your space is no small feat, but with research and engagement, you can find the designer for you. Consultations are a great avenue to test the waters with a designer to ensure that he or she is the right professional for you. Consultations act as somewhat of a first date for clients and professionals to come together and feel each other out before diving into the design process. If you want to know more of the ins and outs of the industry, join the discussion this coming Wednesday.

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