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Tranquil Reflections: Decoding Designers' Attitudes

Tilisha Harrington and Deri Washington

This past week, Tilisha and I joined in the discussion about the consumer notion that designers have abrasive attitudes toward clients and are strong minded to the extent of not considering the aesthetic needs of their client. We both concluded that there are indeed designers out there that place the desire for an aesthetic portfolio over the desired design of a client. Rest easy knowing that that is not the majority of designers out there. This is a business that allows for creativity and skill to collide in a very impactful way for clientele. There is a responsibility placed on designers to bring visions into fruition in a way that balances budget, aesthetic, movement, and ergonomics. With all of these moving pieces, we designers are able to communicate the ideals of a client. Hold to the truth that the design process is very much a collaborative one and that a designer plays a key role in the project. Their opinions can be strong but beneficial. It is up to designers to communicate the whys and the why nots of the design dilemmas. Ultimately the project is the clients' so it is very important that they make the final call. Not every designer is fit for you so be sure to do your research before reaching out. Some thing to consider are their brand, portfolio and scope of work, social activity (how often are they engaging with their community), reviews and award credentials. Once you feel comfortable with their credibility, move forward to phone calls and consultations. This whole process is set up to best assist you as a client and leave you with a finished product you are happy with. Be sure to tune in this Wednesday for our next discussion on Facebook Live at 12pm.

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