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Tranquil Reflections: Decoding Your Homes' Value

Tilisha Harrington and Deri Washington

Welcome Readers! This past Wednesday, Tilisha and I broke down this idea that there are homes unworthy of design. This notion, I must say is a complete myth and misconception. There are a wide range of design services and specialties offered in the industry that breath life into even the most unwelcoming of spaces. From your total guts to your simple cosmetic updates, there is a professional for every project. This concept of 'worthiness' (regarding someone's space) placed on design easily imposes a misleading idea of how designers address clients and the design process. It can be concluded that by operating in this mentality that design is a privilege some are worthy of receiving (while others are not); creates an issue of status and priority regarding clients. By that logic, designers would then have the luxury of placing stronger efforts into a project with more value, then dissolving the customer service aspect of the industry. As designers, we place equal priority on our clients' needs and wants, no client is more deserving than the other. Here at Tranquil, we strive to transform spaces and renew lives and we accomplish that with integrity, communication, and consideration. I strongly advise anyone who may be in a confusing head space and wants to pursue a designer, but thinks their home simply isn't worthy enough to do some investigating. Asking questions about the scope of work that your space needs is the best way to gain some insight about how to tackle some of those hefty reservations, such as: finances, design style, aesthetic, functionality, movement, etc. We designers are here to assist you in any way we are able to. If you have a design-related question that needs answering, feel free to reach out to us on any of our platforms. Be sure to stay tuned to see what we will discuss on the next episode of Design Decoded.

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