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Tranquil Reflections: Inner Circles & Goal Setting

After two weeks of vacation with the family, I found myself stowing away time to reflect on my role and purpose here at Tranquil Designs, as well as in my personal life. After some r and r, my spirit began to weigh heavy with a message. Naturally, I shared it with my team and we took to Facebook Live to have a heart to heart with you all. To recap, we began the discussion with the topic of inner circles and support groups. Can you say that you have one? We live in a time where people can find so many points of connection; we can bond over fashion, design, politics, and pop culture. The question worth pondering goes beyond the likability of those connections and straight to the root of the character of the parties involved. You need people in your corner that can be trusted with your friendship and/or business partnership. We recently met some hiccups within the company challenging us to really access what parties we associate with, have our better interests at heart. The harsh reality is that not everyone you encounter does. I recently spoke with my mentor who reminded me of the importance of upstanding character. Having traits such as integrity, loyalty, and compassion are priceless assets to your character. As the old saying goes, you are who you hang out with. You can draw like minds and influences in so easily, and they can take such a toll on your behaviors and interactions. Be very careful about the influences you allow in your life. You have to evaluate the goals and standards you have for your life and find individuals that will support and encourage the goals you have set. Your goals should be healthy, descriptive, and attainable. Vague goals such as "I will become fit" or "I will get more business", does nothing to spell out the details of the goal. You need more specifics such as "I will jog for at least 30 minutes twice a week". This method of goal setting provides a time frame or a checkpoint to measure the odds of success in reaching that goal. It is key to find a motivating idea, or force to propel you into acting toward that goal. Having a mentor, best friend, colleague, or business partner by your side to hold you accountable could be the difference between a goal reached or an unmet goal. My mission for Tranquil is to build a team of individual who will support the visions I have for my brand and business. Success is out there for everyone, so get out there, find your tribe, set your goals, and reach for the stars! That's what I plan to do.

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